Partners of the Arlington Life Shelter

The mission of PALS is to expand community awareness of the work of the Arlington Life Shelter and provide additional financial support for that work.   PALS Volunteers are men, women and children who help make the shelter a “home away from home” for homeless families in our community.  Visit us on our Facebook page.

Service Opportunities

  • Birthday Parties - Bingo is the first Saturday night of each month and celebrates the residents' birthdays.
  • Christmas Store - Children shop for gifts for their parents in the make-believe shelter store.
  • Angel Tree - PALS members provide gift cards for adult residents for Christmas
  • Mother’s Day - Special gifts are given to parents in recognition of the important role they play in their children's lives.
  • STARS - School Attendance Celebration Parties
  • All students are recognized each semester for putting forth their best effort in spite of their challenging situations.

PALS 2017 Officers and Committee Chairs

President: Sylvia Nichols
1st Vice Presidents: Carrie Palmer
2nd Co-Vice President: Cheryl Illingworth (Game Day) and Mandy Welch (Ranger Suite)
Treasurer: Claire Daulton
Secretary: Jennifer Miller


Birthday Parties: Melanie Sattler-Dennis
Christmas Activities: Cindy Ward, Betsy Foremen, Alice Krogsaeter
Membership-Yearbook: Martha Stork, Sue DeShong
Public Relations-Media: Robyn Barrere
Mother’s Day: Becka Smith
Father's Day: Joul Smith
Communications-Newsletter: Patsy Miller
Historian: Ann Hatch
Emergency Lunches: Mary Smith
Barbara Tapp Memorial Spring Break Events: Dee Dee Winters
Children Welcome Total Bag: Carolyn Wood


Past President: Carolyn Casselberry
ALS Board: Sissy Day

PALS can accomplish this mission with you and your membership support. Please consider renewing your membership, or joining our organization. Fill out your application here.

To learn more about PALS, please contact Membership Chairs Martha Stork or Sue DeShong.

Mission & Services

The Arlington Life Shelter provides shelter and support services to help our neighbors who are homeless integrate into society and become self-sufficient, thriving contributors to the community.


Make a Donation

Now more than ever we need your help to continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the men, women and children we serve. We provide keys to success such as food, shelter, health and social services, etc.



To volunteer when the residents are present, volunteers MUST be age 18 or older. This includes food teams serving breakfast or dinner. This is to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of our youngest residents.


Contact Us

Arlington Life Shelter, 325 W. Division Street, Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 548-9885

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